We help local seniors to enjoy their lives by working together with them and their loved ones and providing a safe, happy and stimulating environment.

Cherry Lodge Rest Home is a private care home in Caterham, Surrey offering an individual and specialised approach to care for the elderly.


Our team work to make a difference in our residents

Our team – whether they work in  management, care or catering – love making a difference to people’s lives. A friendly chat here and a kind word there can change a person’s day for the better.

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Hobbies & Activities

The Home has an Activities Organiser who encourages and supports our residents to continue to enjoy their hobbies and interests for as long as they are able or wish to do so. There are also group projects arranged for those who wish to take part in them and enjoy the themed project they decide to choose.


Health Services

Opticians, hairdressers and chiropodists, along with health care professionals, visit the Home on a regular basis.  The Home is supported by local surgeries but you may choose to continue with your own GP if the surgery permits and you are within their catchment area.



There are no restrictions on visiting to either see a friend or to view the home. Cherry Lodge operates an open door policy and visitors are welcome to pop in at any time to look around, meet the staff and residents.


Daily Life

Daily life is relaxed and informal and visitors are able to call in at any time to see relatives and friends. Residents choose what time they would like to have their breakfast in the morning and retire at the end of the day.

Our Services


Personal Care

Opticians, hairdressers and chiropodists as well as health care professionals, visit Cherry Lodge on a regular basis. Each resident will be given an Individualised Service Plan to ensure the level of care needed is always provided. We talk to the resident and their family about likes and dislikes, hobbies, their former career, and other personal preferences. Care Plans are reviewed regularly and updated as needed so the care always reflects the resident’s current needs, even as it changes.

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Respite care

Respite Care

The Home offers Respite Care providing they have a bed available to cover a holiday period for the carers.  It can also be used to allow people to adjust to daily living with support following a stay in hospital before returning home.

Activities & Events

Life is generally relaxed and informal at Cherry Lodge, but we have an activities organiser who encourages and supports our residents to continue to enjoy their hobbies and interests. They will also facilitate group projects among the residents, enabling them to take charge of events such as outings and fétes, or competitions among themselves.

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