Our Philosophy

Philosophy of care: dignity, choice and independence

Cherry Lodge prides itself in offering a highly professional standard of care to its residents.

Our residents are treated with the utmost dignity and respect by our care assistants and our aim is to provide each resident with the level of support necessary to enable them to maintain as much of their independence as possible within the home.

Our residents are encouraged to retain their independence through choice and consultation. We listen to our resident’s suggestions and ensure that they are fully consulted about all matters which will affect their day to day lives at the home. We also ensure that we provide flexibility in the daily routines of the home. Wherever possible we actively encourage our residents to retain their abilities for self care and to carry out the tasks of daily living unaided.

We recognise that living in a communal setting is difficult and the fact that our residents need to accept help with their personal tasks can be invasive. Our care assistants strive to provide our residents with as much privacy as possible within the home.

We believe that the dignity, choice and independence of our residents will be maintained by creating a supportive and structured environment and an open, positive and inclusive atmosphere in our home.

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