Meet Our Team

Our team work to make a real difference to our residents

Our people – whether they work in management or maintenance, or our lifestyle or catering teams – love making a difference to residents’ lives. Each of us knows that a friendly chat here and a kind word there can change a person’s day for the better. Come and meet some of our colleagues.

Cherie Callender

Registered Manager

I established Cherry Lodge in October 1988. I am fully involved in the day to day management of the Home and the care of its’ residents. I continue to ensure that the homely ethos and stimulating friendly environment is maintained.

Lisa Cemettre

Care Manager

I joined Cherry Lodge in March 2015 as a Carer. I decided to go into care when my mum passed away. I also had a young family. When I started at Cherry Lodge I was very nervous but as soon as I joined the team I knew I had made the right decision. I am now the Care Manager. Cherry Lodge feels like my extended family. I work alongside a great team of people who all have the same goal as myself and that is to give the residents the best care we can. Everyone who works at Cherry Lodge goes above and beyond.

Jodie Suarez

Senior Carer

I started working at Cherry Lodge in May 2017. I joined as a junior carer and have now progressed to a senior. Since working at Cherry Lodge I have gained a variety of skills and knowledge.

Amanda Huntley

Senior Carer

I started at Cherry Lodge in 2018. Working at Cherry Lodge is very rewarding. I love chatting to the residents and their families. Every day is different and that is also why I love my job.

Kirk Huntley

Senior Carer

I joined Cherry Lodge at the end of 2020. My wife also works here. I enjoy my job and work with a great bunch of people.

Leanne Wilson

Senior Carer

I joined Cherry Lodge in 2017 as a carer and have now progressed to senior carer. While working at Cherry Lodge I decided to study to be a nurse. I have just completed my nursing degree and work in a hospital. It is thanks to Cherry Lodge and my colleagues, because without them I would not have had the confidence to go in to nursing. I still continue to work part time at Cherry Lodge.

Tracy O'Brien

Senior Carer

I joined Cherry Lodge as a carer in 2011. Cherry Lodge has always been a great place to work. It was especially good when my children were young as I could work around my family. Working at Cherry Lodge feels like a family rather than a job.

Robert Whittaker

Accounts Manager

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